The ICE Advantage

For over 20 years, ICE Ignition has supplied the performance industry with innovative ignition systems and components.

Engine builders and racers in Australia and the US choose ICE Ignition systems for greater performance and reliability over common CDI systems.

The unique spark generation technology developed by ICE engineers called Digital Inductive Spark (DIS), delivers a more powerful spark with longer duration than CDI systems at all rpms.

Many engines deliver significant gains in power and torque on the dyno and track when switching from CDI to DIS technology.


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A Proven Track Record

Top US engine builders recognized this power potential some years ago and many Engine Masters competitors - including multiple winner and current 2011 champion Tony "The Horsepower King" Bischoff have chosen ICE Ignition over all alternatives to maximise power and torque.

In 2011, the winning engine, a 441 cubic inch Windsor,  pictured below, made more than 2hp per cubic inch. This would be a phenominal achievement for a multiple carbureted, unlimited rpm combination. Yet, it was done with a single 4 barrell limited to 7500 rpm as per the Engine Masters rules.

In fact, over the past five years since ICE Ignition has been involved with this event, it's products have been on the winning engines four times, with the other result a runner up. ICE Ignition has been used to power winning Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford and GM LS engines, with both carbureted and EFI combinations.

ICE Ignition products not only perform on the dyno, they also have a proven track record with racers in both Australia and the US. Record holders rely on ICE Ignition to give them the ultimate spark energy such as:

  • Trick & Mansweto Racing (AU) - Pro Street
  • Wade Owens (US) - Stock Eliminator
  • Johnny Wilson (AU) - Modified Street Blown
  • Wagamon Brothers (US) - Circle Track


Australian Made Performance Products by Street Machine Magazine

The Australian automotive performance market has a rich and proud heratige. For many years local design, ingenuity and manufacturing has lead the way in creating many fantastic high and important performance related products and components. ICE Ignition is one such company, punching well above its weight on the national and international stage.


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